Meet The Team

Dr Barbara Hungerford PhD, B.App Sci (Physiotherapy)

Barbara Hungerford, Director of Sydney Spine & Pelvis Physiotherapy Centre, has been a physiotherapist for over 25 years. Her inspiration to improve her own ability to treat peoples backs came from the many patients she saw in the early 1990's whose low back and pelvic pain had overtaken their capacity to enjoy life. Her own studies led her into teaching, and she founded Advanced Manual Therapy Associates P/L in 1995 as a vessel to provide educational courses for physiotherapists and medical practitioners. Barbara continues to provide these courses both in Australia and overseas. In 1997 she undertook a PhD that investigated the alteration of pelvic biomechanics and muscle recruitment in association with pelvic dysfunction. This was accepted in 2002 and she has since published this research in International Peer reviewed journals.  Please visit the AMTA website for more information. Barbara is also regularly asked to present her research, and ideas about treatment of back and pelvic pain, to medical conferences and physiotherapy groups internationally.

The opening of Sydney Spine & Pelvis Physiotherapy Centre in 2003 was a major achievement for Barb, as it provided an opportunity to create a centre of excellence in which the latest science of treatment could be combined with the passion to heal and help people regain control of their life and ease their pain. Clinically, she provides assessment, diagnosis, ant treatment for neck pain and headaches, upper back, thoracic and referred arm pain, low back and pelvic pain, hip pain, pregnancy related issues, visceral and cranio-sacral therapy.

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Vanessa Barnes B.App Sci (Physiotherapy)

Vanessa Barnes is an experienced physiotherapist who graduated in 2002 from Sydney University. She is also a qualified psychologist and a member of the APA and British Ballet Association.  Vanessa has worked in private practice for 12 years and has a strong background in sports Physiotherapy and musculoskeletal injuries that has focused her interests into treatment of low back and pelvic pain, treatment of difficult neck & thoracic injuries, pregnancy related injuries and sports related injuries. She combines techniques such as Muscle Energy techniques, McKenzie, Maitland and cranio-sacral approach to improve articular mobility and reduce joint pain and stiffness. Vanessa has also undergone extensive training with Barb Hungerford to develop her diagnostic skills and approach to manual therapy and approach to patient care. She has trained in Lumbo-Pelvic Stability retraining and Pilates approach to exercise rehabilitation and therefore combines manual therapy with exercise rehabilitation to assist each patient with full recovery. Vanessa has extensive experience in creating specific progressions in exercise rehabilitation programs for lumbo-pelvic, neck, and hip rehabilitation and is involved in running the Specific Exercise Classes provided at Sydney Spine and Pelvis Physiotherapy Centre plus teaching our Pilates matt classes.

Vanessa has attained her Level 3 Sports Certificate in 2012 and previously worked for a number of sports teams such as local rugby and soccer squads. She also has a keen interest in Ballet and treatment of ballet related injuries, including hip, knee and ankle injuries.

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Elizabeth Noad M. Physiotherapy, B.App Sci (Ex. Sports Sci)

Liz Noad graduated with a Masters of Physiotherapy (Griffith University) in 2007 having previously completed a degree in Exercise and Sports Science. Liz has worked extensively in both the public Hospital system and private practice and is particularly interested in treating musculoskeletal injuries such as low back and pelvic pain, pelvic injuries related to pregnancy, coccyx pain, neck and thoracic pain, and sports injuries.

Liz combines her physiotherapy with her experience in Exercise Physiology in order to tailor specific exercise programs for clients requiring rehabilitation following thoracic, low back, pelvic, and lower limb injuries. Her strength lies in combining her knowledge of core control, lumbo-pelvic stability, Real Time Ultrasound, Pilates and strength retraining to create client specific programs that progress according to each persons needs. In the past 5 years Liz's continuing professional development has taken her into a form of manual asessment and treatment of the whole body that focuses her treatment of complex injuries into finding what drives ongoing issues and then considering the best pathway for treatment and long term improvement of dysfunction.

Liz is a qualified Pilates Instructor and presently provides Pilates Classes at Sydney Spine and Pelvis Physiotherapy as well as individual assessments and manual therapy treatments including Muscle Energy Techniques, cranio-sacral therapy, deep tissue and myofascial release techniques, and visceral manipulation.

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Nathan Cooper B. App Sci (Physiotherapy)

Nathan graduated in 2006 and has since focused on developing his skills in manual therapy & sports rehabilitation. For the past 5 years Nathan has focused his interests into treatment and rehabilitation of lumbo-pelvic injuries, hip injuries and treatment of the neck and thoracic cage. He has studied intensively with Barb Hungerford for the past 2 years, and also completed the LJ Lee Discover series for manual therapy assessment in 2013.  His treatment approach incorporates manual therapy techniques such as Muscle Energy Technique, Mulligan & McKenzie approaches, plus dry needling, myo-fascial release techniques, amd visceral manipulation. He is also fully trained and experienced in retraining lumbo-pelvic and thoracic- upper quadrant stability.

Nathan has a keen interest in sports, and the rehabilitation of sports injuries. He has extensive experience working as a team physio for state level Hockey, plus Colts & school boy Rugby union and athletics. His treatment approach is therefore complementary for people with long term injuries as well as acute sports injuries, hip, knee, and lower limb injuries, plus pelvic, spine and neck issues.


Michelle Wong M. Physiotherapy, M. Ex. Sports Sci, B.Sc (Pyschology)

Michelle holds a Masters (Physiotherapy) & Exercise & Sports Science, and for the past 6 years she has concentrated her experience into diagnosis and treatment of pelvic and lower limb injuries, sports injuries and exercise prescription. Michelle is a keen dancer and therefore has a particular interest in Dance related injuries and assessment of young dancers requiring assessment or assistance to improve their movement strategies.

Michelle’s treatments incorporate the latest evidence in manual therapy techniques and specificity in lumbo-pelvic stability retraining for pregnant mums, dancers, athletes, and people who have suffered an injury to their back, pelvis, or rib cage. Her experience includes specificity in rehabilitation following lower limb injuries such as hip labral tears, ligamentous injuries of the knee and ankle, and achilles tendonosis. She is also a qualified Pilates Instructor and presently provides Pilates Classes and Core retraining classes at Sydney Spine and Pelvis Physiotherapy Centre.

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Jay Cunningham, B.App Sci (Physiotherapy) and Certified Pilates Instructor

Jay graduated from Sydney University in 1994 with a degree in Physiotherapy and focused her early career on Musculo-skeletal and Sports Physiotherapy. Jay then added post graduate training in Pilates Method for rehabilitation into her physiotherapy and fulfilled level 2 Instructor training.

From 2002 to 2010 Jay owned and ran the highly recognized CORE Physiotherapy and Pilates Centre in Roseville. Jay was well known for her specificity in creating treatment and rehabilitation programs for people with back, pelvic and upper body injuries, and began collaborating with Barb Hungerford at this time.

Since joining the Sydney Spine and Pelvis team Jay has trained intensively with Barbara Hungerford and brings a wealth of experience in both manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation, plus her depth of knowledge for teaching both Matt and Equipment Pilates. She has a particular clinical interest in the treatment of lumbo-pelvic pain, pregnancy related injuries, hip and sporting trauma injuries. She uses a combination of muscle energy techniques, soft tissue release, joint mobilization, Real Time Ultrasound and exercise therapy including Pilates in her day to day treatment to assist her clients in their rehabilitation and full recovery from injuries.

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